The Actors Perceptions and Expectations of Their Roles in BIM-Based Collaboration


The inter-organisational collaboration with Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the hottest topics in construction sector nowadays. The implementation of BIM is a complex inter-organisational process, and the sharing of information among numerous actors from multi-disciplinary backgrounds may affect the actors’ role perception and performance. This study offers insights into the BIM roles of various actors by analysing a BIM-based project carried out by an integrated partnership across many tiers. The analysis identified inconsistencies between the actors’ perceptions and their partners’ expectations of their BIM roles. Inconsistencies in BIM roles were more related to soft rather than hard (domain- or technical) skills. Mismatches were found in the architect’s role, as it was deemed necessary to be more domain- and BIM-related, contrary to their perceptions. Likewise, the suppliers’ role called for an enhanced BIM orientation. The paper concludes with set of suggestions for increasing the joint responsibility and supporting the multi-actor collaboration.

In 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM)
Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
Associate Professor in Management of Engineering Projects

Researcher and consultant at the intersection of management and digital economy