Lessons Learned on Adopting Automated Compliance1 Checking in AEC Industry-A Global Study


Over the last decades, numerous automated compliance checking (ACC) systems have been developed. However, ACC is still not broadly used in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry today; little is known as to how ACC can be better accepted by the end users. This paper reports on a multicase study to learn valuable lessons from recent attempts to adopt ACC systems worldwide. Firstly, 18 semistructured interviews were conducted with 20 experts from eight countries, and supplementary data (e.g., documents, product information, and literature) related to each case were collected. Secondly, the interview and supplementary data were then coded to develop prominent themes. Thirdly, through a cross-case analysis, the 12 most determining variables that could influence the ACC adoption were identified. Three path models that explain the interrelationships between these variables and 10 propositions that can guide future ACC adoption were deduced. The results indicate that the government should play an important role to facilitate ACC adoption through funding, policies, and incentives. This study also provides valuable information to software vendors for delivering ACC systems that meet the needs of the industry, and for innovation managers in the industry to develop appropriate adoption plans for the ACC technology.

In the Journal of Management in Engineering (JME)
Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
Associate Professor in Management of Engineering Projects

Researcher and consultant at the intersection of management and digital economy