Digital transformation in the built environment

Funded by UCL Innovation & Enterprise, this project develops an executive short course that aims to help those in leadership positions within construction learn about the latest state-of-the-art technologies that could improve and change the industry.

Recent industry experience

Professional experience as architect engineer and design manager, both office and on-site. Knowledge of the digital transition due to hands-on experience in 3D modelling software since 2005 and working with BIM since 2008.

Beyond crypto: Digital transformation in construction through Blockchain

Blockchain technology and the integrated Supply Chain: Needs and Requirements

Construction 4.0: Implications of digital for management

Digital Construction: Transformation in organisation, project and supply chain management

Growing the next generation of leaders: Aligning digital demand with supply

Managing construction projects by balancing digital skills and soft competences

Preparing for Digital Transformation: Aligning Technology and Business

The nexus of BIM and Lean in supply chains: Innovation and strategy