Cloud-based Building Information Modelling (CBIM)

Project description:

The “Cloud BIM” (CBIM) training network aims to set the foundations for generating and exploiting digital twins of existing assets. It will make a step change in addressing the practical barriers to the concept and train capable Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). Effective training of future experts in this interdisciplinary field is expected to alleviate technology transfer delays from academia to industry. The CBIM network will address these challenges by bringing together European partners with complementary world-leading expertise to form a long-term ‘best (of academia) with best (of industry)’ partnership, with three common objectives: (1) To develop a joint research programme towards delivering the vision of the ‘Digital Twin’ for representing buildings and infrastructure. The significant research advances planned will overcome current knowledge and innovation gaps in the areas of generating, enriching, and updating Digital Twins of existing assets. The project will also set basic precedences of how to best exploit BIM-based digital twins for process modelling and simulation through concepts and showcase applications that highlight opportunities for widespread use in managing the existing infrastructure and building stock. (2) To offer original and advanced training to a group of Early Stage Researchers in all the multi-disciplinary aspects of CBIM such that, by the end of their training, these fellows can be directly embedded in the European AEC/FM sector and make immediate contributions. At the end of their training, they will have all necessary skills for capturing, enriching, and using digital twins to identify new application areas of CBIM and propose new CBIM products and processes to target those areas. A substantial part of the training programme will be dedicated to ESRs gaining experience in the non-academic sector, as well as to transferable skills training in developing business concepts and entrepreneurship, with the aim to encourage technology transfer and boost BIM deployment in the European construction sector. (3) To demonstrate the societal benefits, and to bring industrial and societal acceptance of the capabilities of CBIM in infrastructure to optimise asset performance, to provide for the efficient use of resources, and to advance our understanding of complex problems in many engineering disciplines. In addition to the development and implementation of new CBIM generation, enrichment and application tools, this also requires dissemination to specialists and outreach to the wider public.

  • Project duration: March 2020 - March 2024
  • Funder: H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN)
  • Project members: Technion Israel Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, University College Dublin, Technische Universiteit Berlin, Trimble, Cartif and LocLab and UCL (Dr Dimitrios Rovas and Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki)
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